After our lunch (and a short rest) we headed over to Faneuil Hall Marketplace for a few remaining souvenirs. We watched the Breeze Team, a dance crew performing for a bit. We’d seen them a few times before (and a quick search on the web showed that they’ve been around for a bit) but this time we watched most of the show.

Nikon 273

Nikon 278

Nikon 291

We headed to Hanover street. This is what would be considered Little Italy here in Boston, but I couldn’t see it referred as such on any maps (unlike Chinatown). It looked as though the neighbourhood was getting ready to celebrate or just had celebrated a festival. Nikon 296 Nikon 300 We were intending to go to for dinner at Giacomo’s Restaurant and wanted to check out it’s location for later (and also it gave us another opportunity to explore a bit). We stopped for a couple of canole at Modern Pastry. The cannoli (and cappuccino) were excellent! Fuji 218 Fuji 220 Later we headed out for dinner. The evening had just started to cool down after a blisteringly hot day. Hanover street was packed with people and cars. Fuji 224 We got down to Giacomo’s Restaurant and saw there was a line-up of 4 or 5 families to get in. Even though the restaurant is known for hurrying customers, we didn’t really feel like waiting. After checking out a few other places we decided on Ristorante Saraceno. It had a great open window front right onto Hanover street. A violin player was walking up and down the street (at one point he even played the theme from ‘The Godfather’). It was entertaining people- watching and watching people who wanted to be seen. Again, the food was excellent. Shrimp and scallops with spaghetti for Lily and linguine and seafood for me. All topped off with a with a wonderful merlot. Fuji 223 We took a leisurely walk home through the Faneuil Hall marketplace. Fuji 233 We climbed the big stairs by city hall. Fuji 243 Then we got back to the hotel and rested.